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It's been awhile!

Hi everyone out there! I haven't written in here so much since I have been crazy busy and use my facebook when I do have time. I have been obessed (more than usual) to tokidoki now, so I've been looking EVERYWHERE for items to add in my collection. I'm found not long ago that you can purchase through other people through here (total n00b I know).
So if you or anyone you know is selling some tokidoki merch, please send them my way >_< I'm very saddened that Macys doesn't sell the bags anymore, I had been getting them from there until the beginning of this year. I'm on a horrible tokidoki kick!

On other news, I've begun my batman collab half sleeve. It's expensive and will take some time to complete, but it will be worth it :-) Talk to you later, time to play some WoW hehehe

Things so far...

It's been a few months, figured I'd update. So much has happened... unfortunately one of my best friend's lost her baby daughter September 27th... so I was a bit of a wreck for a good week. It was very sad... I left in the middle of work to stay with her until the people from the mortuary arrived, and again for the funeral on the 3rd of October. She died of SIDS.

Also, today is the aniversary of the day my father died. It was exactly 5 yrs ago from today (obviously). I'm at work, don't get me wrong it still makes me sad, but I need to work to survive and I've taken too much time off >_<

Also, we happened to lose a co-worker on October 3rd. I wasn't particulry close, however it's still sad.

LOL, sorry to make this blog so depressing!!! It's just the things that have been on my mind. Hopefully my next blog won't be so sad.

Sarah Anne Lee
6/13/08 - 9/27/08


Upcoming things...

Well, I'm going to be pretty busy in the next couple of weeks. Monday, my grandmother and cousin are coming into town. They will be here for a good while. I haven't seen my grandmother in about two years and I haven't seen this cousin in about 3 - 4 yrs. This coming Friday, The Dark Knight comes out! (if you haven't been living under a rock, you should know this). I'm very excited for this movie. Even before the Heath hype, his laugh, the look, and how they were introducing the Joker looked AMAZING. It's definately going down a darker path then the 1989 Batman movie. Definately going to the midnight showing. Later that day, I also have a doctor's appointment to check out how the new medication is working for me (to put it short I have hormone unbalance).
Next week, on the 22nd, my mom is going in for neck surgery. They are basically replacing a disk or two with a metal one (as I remembered). This is going to be a scary thing, and I haven't told many about it >_< I may be missing a few days of work for this one. I just hope everything comes out ok with no complications.


I haven't written in my RL journal in some time, so I thought I'd start fresh here. A lot has happened to me, but I suppose you wouldn't know that ^_^;

I just started recently dating a co-worker I've known for some time. Its getting pretty serious. He's 10 yrs my senior, but acts like a kid (though I should expect this from men by now).

He is a refreshing change from my last relationship, which was of 3 yrs and ended in February. He enjoys having me around, even if it is all the time, he spends time with me and is willing to put his games aside, and his "personal" drive is at par with mine :-P

I guess we'll see how it goes. Because of the age gap, in a few yrs if things go well, who knows... there may be a child in the future :-)

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